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  About our practice, Progress Counselling  
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Initial Assessment
We offer an initial assessment to determine which therapy is appropriate for you and to decide on the programme most suitable to your needs. A confidential service is provided by a qualified therapist. This service is available to individuals, employers, general practitioners, psychiatrists and other care professionals.
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  Self esteem and dependency, Progress Counselling treatments  
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To have self-esteem is to believe that one is worthy of happiness and capable of meeting life’s challenges. Self-esteem comes from within; low self-esteem leads to unhealthy dependency on others. and comparison with others to raise feelings does not last.

A close relationship exists between chronically low self-esteem and serious problems such as violence, substance abuse, eating disorders, school dropouts, low academic achievement, teenage pregnancy, and suicide. People with low self-esteem can focus on trying to prove themselves or impress others or at the other extreme can be withdrawn, anxious and fearful of other people.  These are the outward signs – but there are also the inward feelings of fear, inadequacy, shame, shyness and pain.

At Progress we believe that by helping the client to understand that perceptions of low self esteem and worth can be changed, a life free of dependency can be achieved.  We have found that those with low self-esteem tend to have negative thoughts and memories; we will therefore encourage positive thinking, helping clients to become self-motivated by suggesting small tasks to complete which are manageable and which give pleasure. These are behavioural methods to assist clients with their change towards an independent and free life. Additional group therapy sessions with others who have similar problems will relieve the isolation and help clients to develop healthy independence and authentic self-esteem.
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Progress Counselling, The Willows, 2 The Drive, Harold Wood, Romford, Essex RM3 0DU - Tel. 01708 375932 or 07890 055698
Also at: 7 Grove Road, Chelmsford, Essex CM2 0EY - Telephone 01245 492525