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Progress Counselling, The Willows, 2 The Drive, Harold Wood, Romford, Essex RM3 0DU - Tel. 01708 375932 or 07890 055698
Also at: 7 Grove Road, Chelmsford CM2 0EY - Tel. 01245 492525
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Initial Assessment
We offer an initial assessment to determine which therapy is appropriate for you and to decide on the programme most suitable to your needs. A confidential service is provided by a qualified therapist. This service is available to individuals, employers, general practitioners, psychiatrists and other care professionals.
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Good family relationships are characterized by clear ‘boundaries’ or ‘rules of interaction’.  A well functioning family allows for individuality, intimacy and mutual respect; one that has genuine concern and love for each other and one in which freedom and flexibility are present. But problems within the family can create a very dysfunctional system, and for many people the family can be a source of worry and conflict.

At Progress we specialise in helping families and relationships disrupted by addiction and other problems and we offer family groups and one-to-one counselling. However even when only one partner is involved we find that group meetings are of great value, as partners find solace in learning they are not alone with their troubles. Addiction causes isolation, blame and complete loss of respect, and any concern and love is tainted by fear. The family system breaks down and family members suffer, often without being aware of their own inability to cope with life. The advantage of the team structure of Progress Counselling is that we can offer totally confidential and separate help to the client and to their family or partner under the one roof.

Aside from addiction, there are multiple issues that affect families and relationships, from death and bereavement, caring for the elderly and those with illness, to violence and dealing with teenage problems.  We have a counsellor at Progress who is experienced at dealing with adolescent issues and we keep informed of the most recent research into family and relationship problems.
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Progress Counselling, The Willows, 2 The Drive, Harold Wood, Romford, Essex RM3 0DU - Tel. 01708 375932 or 07890 055698
Also at: 7 Grove Road, Chelmsford, Essex CM2 0EY - Telephone 01245 492525